Domestic violence

The words that commonly used in discussions about violence are unable to express how it feels for the person who experience domestic violence.

Generally endorses violence with physical violence , but all forms of coercion , domination , evoking fear , abuse of power, force or threat is considered violence.

Forms of domestic violence :

  • physical violence ( beating , kicking, hitting , inflicting wounds and burns of various kinds..)
  • psychological violence ( humiliation , threats , emotional blackmail , disparaging treatment .. )
  • social violence ( prohibition to meet with family and loved ones, ban go to work, locking in the apartment..)
  • economic violence ( unjustified restriction of access to property that the victim has the right to use , limited access to shared money..)
  • sexual violence ( rape, forced upon all sexual acts , forced into other sexual practices..)



Victims of violence can become children, women and men , in any age. Statistics shows that up to 95% of domestic violence victims are women .


The reasons for which women are victims of their partner?

Reasons are very simple: my just one word that contradicts his words – notice that we are waiting child – I took the liberty to do anything without his consent – I refused sex – I refused to give him money for beer – when h e came home at night  with his friends , I refused to prepare snacks for them – he did not like how i stacked towels in the closet – I came home from work a little later than usual – I did not go to sleep when he – I was arguing with my husband because of his extramarital knowledge…


How do you maintain the aggressor ?

Every agresor will act Individually, it depends in which situation is he at the moment. In practice we face many forms , but the most common ones are :

 punch, choking belt, mockery and vulgar expression from children, suffocation pillow, hitting the head against the wall, kicking around the body, threats knife, scuffle, enforcement intercourse, tethering to a radiator..


 The consequences are always equally painful, physically or mentally. Again, examples from practice: loss of consciousness , reflected kidney, cuts, rape, scratches, fractures, thawing lips, concussion and broken ribs, contusion, swollen hand, internal injury, anxiety, depression..